Are You A Sufferer of Back Pain? Follow Us

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Urban lifestyle, sitting at a desk for longer hours is bound to give you a headache. Spending prolonged hours at a desk, irregular routine, sitting posture, junk food – everything is responsible for neck and back pain directly or indirectly. In Oklahoma City, there are numerous people who are struggling with neck and back pain. Before it turns chronic, you should come to back pain specialist in OKC.

Doctors do not only give medicines, but also suggest a few tips for following to reduce the severity of back pain.

  • Practicing a good posture is the thumb rule to stay away from back pain. Sit on the chair straight; do not bend forward or backward. Keep your back flush against your chair and place your feet on the floor. To stop your back rounding, adjust height of your chair to allow your thighs to stay slightly angled down. This position will help your body to distribute weight uniformly through the sit bones.

  • Keeping the monitor in front of your nose or your eye level. If the monitor is too low or high, and you have to look upward or downwards, it will create immense pressure and stress on your neck. Keep the keyboard close to the body so that the elbows stay in 90 degrees angle while typing. Place the keyboard so that you do not need to bend to use it.

  • Do not sit on the chair for a longer time. Stand and walk or stretch. It will release fatigue; help in blood circulation so as oxygen and changing the posture you can diminish stiffness.

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  • Limit your phone use. Try to keep the phone screen at the eye level, hold it in front of your eyes so that you do not need to bend your neck. Constantly typing on the phone causes neck pain. Moreover, typing using thumbs constantly can cause nerve issues and shoulder pain.

  • On every 30 to 45 minutes leave your seat and take a short break of a few minutes. It will help to reduce achiness and tightness around the shoulder and neck. The back pain specialists in OKC also suggest doing some stretching that you can do sitting at your desk.

  • The corporate work culture gives immense work pressure and stress. People tend to consume alcohol and junk food to reduce stress, but it increases body weight, that is a prominent reason for back and neck pain. Following a healthy lifestyle can overall help you to stay ache-free and freely.

If you do not want to limit your moves, live a monotonous and non-exciting life, follow these tips. For existing back pain come to the specialists of Longevity Regenerative Institution in OKC. We would help you to get rid of the pain and guide you to live a healthy life.