A Better View of PRP Treatment

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Who doesn’t know the diva, Kim Kardashian? Do you know that behind her beauty, PRP Micro-needling treatment has a great contribution? In fact, the charisma of PRP Micro-needling treatment has been popularized by her. But, thousands of skin care centers across the globe do not go beyond this treatment. As a result, they can’t explore the other wide range of beneficial sectors of PRP treatment. In order to get maximum benefits from the treatment and experience the magical transformation, it is important to know the actual potential of it.

In OKC, PRP therapy has been started to explore and to bring a revolution to the world of skincare. Platelet-rich plasma is a prominent inclusion of the PRP treatment. The process of obtaining this component is common for all types of treatments, no matter if it is joint injuries, bone healing, skin regeneration, arthritis or something else. The process includes drawing of 20cc blood from the patient, placing it in a centrifuge where the platelets are concentrated, drawing out the platelet-rich plasma and applying the same immediately. Using this method, several treatments can be processed. Here are some glimpses of the same.

  • Facial skin augmentation with fillers is a process which incorporates the topical application of platelet-rich plasma with micro-needling. It helps to regenerate the degrading skin cells by promoting collagen production in it. It keeps the skin plump and supple. This is the basic process. But people, who are searching for skin rejuvenation through PRP therapy in OKC, may undergo an intense treatment. The plasma may need to inject deeper into the dermis here. For the fillers, the doctors either use platelet-poor plasma or the Hyaluronic Acid like Restylane Lyft.

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  • Re-pigmentation and Vitiligo Correction is another treatment which is much affordable than the DNA technology implementation. Addition of the platelet-rich plasma as a treatment to CO2 laser treatment is capable of increasing skin’s collagen. It can also correct the Vitiligo, remove wrinkles, age spots, scars and many other imperfections.  

  • Delivering the platelet-rich plasma with painless injections into the skin can not only help in skin rejuvenation, but it is also used to remove stretch marks, discoloration of the skin, and prevent hair loss in the scalp.

Some of these treatments are new enough that you may not have heard of the same before. In this case, you can be hesitant to opt for the treatment. No worries, the professional doctors at Longevity Regenerative Institute are skilled with PRP therapy in OKC. Wewould process a thorough checkup before the main treatment. Come to us for a full consultation, treatment details and be a proud owner of flawless beauty.