Fight Muscle Strains and Carry on Your Passion for Sports

Sports and injury complements each other. It is nearly impossible for a sportsperson to stay away from all injuries in his or her entire career of sports. Not only are those who take sports as a career, but also the ones, who are into the learning sessions and practice, the injury a very common thing.

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About Muscle Strains

Muscle strain is one of the most common problems that people face into sports. This occurs due to the overstretched muscles or torn muscles. Mostly, for the heavy work out, long hours of practice, sudden acceleration etc. is responsible for the strain. The sports medicine doctors of OKC states that when your muscles fibers and tendons tear, you may damage small blood vessels. This can result in bleeding, bruising and pain. The irritation at the end of the nerves causes this. Redness, weakness, spasms, and limited movement are the other symptoms of sports injury.

Mild muscle strains make the muscle stiff, but it does not make it completely inflexible. Acute muscle strains occur mostly in the cold weather. The prominent reason behind the same is the lack of warm-up before the activities. The pain becomes chronic when you are taking part in repeated physical activities in poor physical condition and in improper postures. The sports medicine doctors of OKC should be consulted with if the pain is lasting for long.

Formula of RICE

Mild to moderate muscle strains generally go away within some weeks, but the severe ones take months to be cured completely. Following the formula of RICE, the mild strains can be treated.

Rest is needed to relax the strained muscles. When movement is causing more pain, it is better to give the muscles some rest.

Ice is essential to be applied on the injuries to mitigate swelling and pain. You should keep the ice pack on your strained muscles for 20 minutes and repeat in every hour. Once the pain is less, apply ice four times a day, each time for 20 minutes.

Compression is very effective to heal pain. Wrap the muscle with elastic bandage and you will see that the swelling is reducing. Don’t wrap so tightly that the blood clots.

Elevate when it is possible by keeping the strained muscles above your heart level.

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According to the sports medicine doctors of OKC you can prevent muscle strains by being little cautious.

  1. Stretch every day before exercise. Stretching accelerates the blood flow and decreases the chance of injury.

  2. Change the positions. Staying in one position for too long can strain the stressed muscle.

  3. Follow the guidance of your coach and always make good postures.

  4. Keep your back straight, bend your knees and lift a weight with your leg.

If you still are injured and suffering from muscle pain, come to us, Longevity Regenerative Institute. Here you will get experienced sports medicine doctors of OKC to diagnose the problem and process the right treatment as per your physical condition.