Foods to Control Your Joint Pain

joint pain

Chronic inflammation has been associated with cancer, cardiac disorders, diabetes, asthma and Alzheimer's disease. Autoimmune diseases, arthritis, food allergies and more can be exacerbated. The good news is that through what we eat we can do great to deal with pain and disease.

You may not be glad to hear it, but the inflammation and joint pain are elevated by wheat and sugar. They also prevent the absorption and lower immunity of beneficial nutrients and minerals from other diets.

The health and the longevity of your joint can affect your daily routine. For example, selecting foodstuffs which increase bone density can help you protect your connective tissue and cut down inflammation and protect your joints for a long active life.

We often see patients curious about lifestyle changes to reduce joint pain. However, our orthopedic doctors recognize that it is difficult to change all at once. So, it's a good place to begin looking at your diet.

You Can Enjoy Your Food Also

With a diet that's low in processed foods and refined sugar and high throughout foods, you can prevent, reverse or manage conditions such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis and fibromyalgia. And still they can taste fantastic. You can ask pain management doctors in OKC for a diet chart that will help to control pain.

Simply put, the food itself is one ingredient in the whole food. For example, beans, nuts, fish and all fruits or vegetables are a complete food. Anything processed is harder to digest and can lead to inflammation in our bodies.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids / Fish Oils

Cold-water fish are an outstanding source of fatty omega-3 acids, essential to human health nutrients. Sometimes those important nutrients are known as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Increased functionality and lower risks of cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes and other diseases are not only proving to reduce inflammatory proteins inside the body.

Cold-sea fish such as tuna, salmon, halibut and sardines may contain Omega-3. Another alternative way for absorbing Omega-3s is to take a daily fish oil supplement.

Nuts and Seeds

For vegans and vegetarians, there is good news among us. In a variety of nuts and seeds, Omega 3s may also be found. A small daily amount of walnuts, almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds and pine nuts can be used to reduce joint pain and inflammation in connective tissue.

Colorful Fruits

Anthocyanin in blueberries is one of the most powerful flavonoids. This helps reduce inflammatory reactions in the body. Apples are another rich in fiber and provide additional health benefits.

Pineapple has shown to decrease joint pain from arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and in our short list because of its bromelain content. The majority of bromelain is however found in the stem and core, so combine the core into a smoothie to achieve the greatest advantage of the product.

Powerful antioxidant lycopene is present in tomatoes. Cooked tomatoes are even richer than uncooked tomatoes with lycopene. Make sure you eat the skin to get the most.

extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is made by pressing olives using a cold pressed method without any heat or chemical and it keeps most of the polyphenols and micronutrients.

Cook with low to medium heat or use it raw as a dressing of salad, as a vegetable bowl with herbs, or as a cooking oil for meat.


Studies have shown that spice turmeric (or in particular their strong active ingredient curcumin) decrease pain and bloating substantially due to their strong anti-inflammatory properties. Start cooking with more turmeric or take an extract or supplement of curcumin.


Research has proven to be a powerful joint relief solution for ginger compounds. Ginger is so effective that it removes the genes causing inflammation due to age and disrupts existing inflammation in the joints.

Sadly, it doesn't matter to drink common Ginger ale. In your cooking, use ginger more or take an extract for additional gingerol


Garlic has shown protection against inflammation and improves immune cell activity as well as it is anti-virus and anti-bacterial.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is a cold-fighter which contains a high content of minerals and a lot of protein-rich collagen. Collagen is very beneficial to the skin, joint disease and any muscle such as the bladder and digestive organs.

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