How to Beat Pain Naturally

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You have a problem walking. You can’t sit properly for a long time. You feel immense pain in your back while doing any activity but you don’t know what is causing it. You have a constant pain beneath your shoulder blades adjacent to spine. Meanwhile, the pain is hampering on your daily activities. What should you do now? Without any delay, you should visit a medical clinic in OKC for pain management treatment.

We, Longevity Regenerative Institution, one of the most reputable medical clinics in OKC, are here to share some of our short term treatment methods with you so that you can get fast relief.

  • You should rest. Spare yourself from all those activities which majorly involve your back muscles. It is better to stay away from all activities apart from cognitive ones. Resting your muscles is a good way to reduce overuse and consequent muscle strain from it.

  • Cold therapy is an excellent treatment for strained muscles. It is useful to apply ice that is wrapped in cloth for 10 – 20 minutes at a time. Along with cold therapy, you should follow up with heat therapy as well, every two hours for 10-20 minutes. Alternate both treatments and check which one is working well for you.


  • Massage can be good as well to reduce pain. But to get maximum benefits, ensure they are a professional and well acquainted with proper massage techniques. Inadequate pressure in the wrong points can increase pain. The massage is to increase blood flow and loosen muscle cramps, but incorrect implementation can make it worse.

  • If the above-mentioned techniques are not working for you, you can get OTC medicines which are available at local pharmacies. These medicines reduce inflammation and prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.

These are some basics through which you can block the pain temporarily but for a permanent solution; you need to come to a medical clinic in OKC. They have a whole pain management team of experienced people who only deal with treatments for pain. Come to Longevity Regenerative Institution for such a clinic where you can find a permanent solution for your suffering.

* * Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.