Osteoporosis – A Potential Enemy of Your Vertebrae

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Are you suffering from persistent back pain? The reason can be osteoporosis. When your bone weakens, it risks cracking. Mostly, it is observed in the elderly people where vertebral bones are affected badly. In the case of osteoporosis, the bones become so weak that it fails to support the body, as a consequence, it develops tiny cracks. This type of fractures are extremely painful and sometimes it leads to numbness, spinal deformity and many others. These fractures are called vertebral compression fracture.

You can prevent the problems and also treat it in the earlier stage to avoid the severity. In OKC you can contact our spine specialists who can recommend the best treatment as per your condition. Here are the basic tips to avoid the problem beforehand.

  • There is no harm in visiting the doctors even if the complication is minor. The doctor can check it thoroughly and find out the reason. Accordingly, your treatment plan will be decided. There is a certain medicine called bisphosphonates that can reduce the problem.

  • The dietary change in a positive way is imperative for keeping osteoporosis away. Plenty of calcium and vitamin D rich food should be your staple diet. While adding these nutrients to your diet, you need to quit some of your bad habits as well. Smoking worsens the weak bones and can accelerate osteoporosis. Same goes for alcohol. You can ask your spine specialist in OKC for a balanced diet chart for a healthier bone.

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  • Activities are always recommended by the spine specialists in OKC as it helps to build and maintain the bone mass. People with very less or almost no activities are prone to develop bone-weakening diseases. On the other hand, weight gain can be fatal for the bone problems and exercises help in maintaining a balanced body weight as well. But, you should not start working out on your own without any guidance. For your age, all the exercises may not be appropriate, so you have to consult the doctors. For those who are unable to involve in the workout, physiotherapy can be useful.

  • Don’t ignore your back pain as it can be a symptom of vertebral compression fractures. This is mostly treated non-surgically, but if the condition is severe, you may have to undergo surgery. Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty are the two surgical options for the severe conditions. The former one involves careful placement of needle through the back into the fracture and delivering bone cement to fill it and the later one involves insertion of a small balloon for the closer and restoration of the original shape.

For more information and queries regarding osteoporosis, come to us at Longevity Regenerative Institute and get the best solution from the experienced spine specialists in OKC for your unique problem.