Possible Causes of Lower Back Pain You May Not Think of

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Lower back pain is a curse for anyone. Normal pain can cause severe agitation and frustration and when it becomes a chronic one, the problems become severer. In some cases, people go for surgeries as well. Like all other diseases, identification of the disease and the reason behind it need to be diagnosed. It makes the treatment easy, so is the cure.

The back pain doctors in OKC have come up with the prominent reasons which are responsible for the lower back pain. Here are some of those:

Muscle Strain

This is one of those awful problems that only people understand who have experienced it. While sleeping, sitting or doing anything, you can feel a sharp pain in the back affecting the left side of it. This is the pain that is caused by the torn muscle that might be a result of an injury. The back pain doctors in OKC test the type of injury to diagnosis it. According to the physical condition and medical history, the test is prescribed for determining the localized tenderness, signals of rupture in the muscle, weakness, an overall discomfort.

Spinal Structure Issue

If the cause of your back pain is not a muscle strain, it can be something related to a spinal structure. The common source of back pain related to spinal structure includes lumbar herniated disc, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and facet joint pain. Apart from the diagnostic test for the muscle strain, there are other tests as well that help to determine whether the spinal structure is the reason behind the lower back pain or not. The back pain doctors in OKC suggest a reflex test, leg raise test, neurologic test, X-rays, CT scans and MRI as well to determine the cause.

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Internal Organ Problems

If the above-mentioned two cannot determine the reason behind your back pain, the back pain doctors in OKC may recommend some tests to know whether it is for the internal organs or not. Though it is a rare cause but a possible one if the previous two are not responsible. The kidney infection, stone in kidney, pancreatitis, pregnancy, gynecological problems, ulcerative colitis and many others can be the reason.

For the accurate diagnosis and right treatment, you should consult the experienced back pain doctors in OKC. You can find them in Longevity Regenerative Institute. Come to us and put an end to your back pain related issues.