Sciatica Pain Relieving Tips – The Most Effective Ones


Sciatica pain that commonly starts from the back and travels down the leg, at the back part of the thigh and it can worsen a patient’s mobility when is severe. When you need quick relief from this pain, you can follow the below-mentioned tips. Our pain management doctors in OKC suggest these for the patients who are suffering. Take a look.

Heat or Cold Application

This is pocket-friendly and can be applied to the body without any hassle. This is can relief you from pain easily. When you start feeling the pain in the body, take an ice pack and wrap it around that area for 15 minutes at least. It will heal the local inflammation and when you feel that body part turning numb, immediately remove the pack. Similarly, you can apply heat using a hot pot or a hot water bottle at your buttock, lower back or at the back of the legs for 15 to 20 minutes. It will dilute blood vessels, increase blood vessels and relax your muscles.

Stretching and Aerobic Exercises

Stretch hamstrings to loosen muscles. When your muscles are tight, inflexible it will increase sciatica pain. The only way to loosen muscle is to do seated hamstring stretch. On the other hand, low impact aerobic exercise releases happy hormones like endorphin and it reduces inflammation around the sciatic nerve roots. Regular exercising will strengthen your core that is beneficial for pain management.

Over-the-counter Medicine

The pain is there in your body due to the sciatica nerve inflammation, according to the pain management doctors in OKC, this kind of medicines works great to this pain.

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Body Massage

You can give yourself a good massage from a therapist. You can try to massage yourself using a tennis ball. The therapist will focus on the tender points of the body and will give gentle pressure while massaging.  

Mind-body Techniques

Our pain management doctors in OKC uses the mind to lower the sciatica pain of the body. The mind-body technique includes deep breathing exercises, meditation, guided imagery, cognitive behavioral therapy etc. to relax the body and mind both. It will control the sense of pain and reduce anxiety and depression that is associated with pain.

For this treatment in a professional way come to our pain management doctors in OKC at Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa. We will help and guide you the best way to get the desired healing.