Stem Cell Therapy – The Breakthrough Regenerative Treatment

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Stem Cell Therapy is a highly informative subject. This large volume of information is difficult for even medical professionals to sort with all the different perspectives, information, and misinformation combined with an influx of stems cell clinics.

There are almost endless possibilities for stem cell therapy and their use in regenerative treatments in different medical clinics in OKC. In combination with rapid developments in stem cell biology scientists have achieved a renaissance of medical treatment in the understanding of how the body heals by regenerating tissue.

However, the early stages of Regenerative Medicine have come, and little regulation has been introduced. The FDA is dealing with several key issues to assure that the medical use in pain clinics is legitimate:

  1. Source viability and processing methods

  2. The quality of professionals performance

  3. The procedure to be ensured by clinical tests

  4. Efficacy claims

Contribution of FDA

The FDA has recently taken aggressive steps to regulate stem cell use and production, making orders in Florida and California against clinics after patients lost eyesight by stem cell injection. Previous warning for unethical practice and unfounded claims was issued to these clinics in August 2017. These clinics were shut down the following year.

FDA rules specify the following standards to be met by stem cells used for regenerative purposes:

  1. Minimal handling

  2. Uniform use, i.e., the repair of the recipient tissue that has the same fundamental function of the donor's tissue.

If cells do not fulfill these FDA conditions that limit source cell alterations, they are labeled as a medicinal product for which FDA approval applies.

Hundreds of clinics have made unproven claims throughout the country. One key concern is amniotic tissue labeling as “stem cell therapy”; this especially worries physicians certified and well trained with stem cell use in regenerative orthopedics. While amniotic tissue contains growth factors shown to speed up and increase regenerative treatment, it does not contain live stem cells.

Professional qualifications for stem cell therapy treatment are sometimes questionable. While the treatment is beneficial, the labeling is disappointing and imprecise. Failed expectations that bring more legal procedures are left to patients.

medical clinic in OKC

Difference between Umbilical Stem Cells and Bone Marrow Stem Cells

For many years, bone marrow transplants were used for blood diseases. Haematopoietic (HSC) marrow-produced stem cells, including the required immune system cells, are responsible for maintaining blood production throughout our lives. The first stem cells were discovered in the 1960s.

The mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) is another type of cell in the bone marrow. These cells can develop into the musculoskeletal system's bone, cartilage, and soft tissues. MSCs are one type of stem cells which are used to regenerate joint tissue, heal back pain, herniated disc, lumbar disc, in pain clinics in OKC. The tissue around the joints heals slowly and often incompletely because of poor blood supply to a large extent. Local stem cells which heal and repair damaged tissue can also be depleted by chronic injury or simply by aging.

The only FDA-approved therapeutic stem cells in the U.S. that comply with minimum standards are Bone Marrow Stem cells (BMSC's). They are harvested on site and injected directly to the injury, from the patient's hip. The viable stem cells distinguish between target tissues cells and integrate into that tissue, replacing necrotic or damaged cells by regenerating tissue. Doctors can use a Platelet Rich Plasma booster as the solution to provide growth factors and nutrients which are useful in the healing process.

The tissues degeneration can often be diminished due to the use of BMSCs that can prevent or deter surgical joint replacement as new cartilage is regenerated.

The Treatment

Stem cell therapy is a medical treatment method that uses your natural ability to heal to help you achieve a better quality of life. The FDA-approved MSCs for the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions is an excellent choice currently.

However, a huge number of patients choose to avoid harvesting and opt for umbilical cord blood SCs. The umbilical blood is made up of two stem cell types:

  • Blood-forming stem cells, or blood-forming progenitor cells, used in the treatment of blood disorders over several decades.

  • The second type of mesenchymal cells found recently is subject to clinical trials at present.

The umbilical stem cells can split indeterminately. More importantly, the blood growth factors, together with stem cell growth, help in endogenous stem cell activation, building new blood vessels, immune system modulation, and cell and tissue growth.

For this regenerative treatment and undergoing the stem cell therapy come to our medical clinic in OKC at Longevity Regenerative Institute. The expert team with proficient therapists will help you understand the reasons for your ailment and suggest the best possible way to feel like yourself again.

** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.