The range of Treatments for Acute Pain

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The causes of tendinopathy are multiple, and there are several treatments. Progressive loading is the most evidence-based treatment from our medical clinic in OKC for treating this. This could be due to many reasons. This treatment can increase the tendon's capacity or tolerance by affecting the mechanisms of pain, tendon tissue function or neuromuscular function.

For most patients with tendinopathy, well thought-out and personalized progressive loading is essential. It doesn't need to be fancy, but it should focus on functional deficits specific to the patient and take them to work out their functional goals on a progressive journey.

Other common tendinopathy treatments include massages, ultrasound therapy, braces, microcurrent, laser, shockwave treatments, and various injections including steroid, PRP, high volume injections prolotherapy and many more. Some therapies have evidence supported, some not. If there is no evidence for a treatment, it could be biologically plausible. The number of medications used in some medical clinics in OKC is surprising even though evidence demonstrates that they are not working. Unfortunately, aside from evidence and biological plausibility, there are many factors which affect a patient's treatment, some for good reasons and some for not so good reasons.

Here are some basics for pain management. This is only half; another part is loading the tendon and the patient’s return to their full function.

  • Reduce abusive energy storage activities such as running and jumping–these could be harmful. If tendon pain is really intense, it may also take up to 8 weeks to heal.

  • Tendon-bone compression may even be worse. A typical example is the Achilles compression and insertion against the bone while stretching a calf. Pain management may need to decrease compressive activity, such as by using it-cushions for hamstrings or knee pillows for gluteal tendons.

  • Splints, braces or taping can contribute to lower tendon compression and thus reduced pain. Achilles, plantar fascia, patellar and gluteal tendinopathies are well suited for taping techniques.

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs are helpful when pain is indeed severe. This occurs if pain flares for days following energy storage or if daily activities such as walking, sitting and going up and down stairs are painful.

  • Manual therapy and modalities. Applying ice can provide pain relief for the short term but may not affect the pathology of the tendon. In the short-term, some people will have to take manual treatment such as massage and friction.

green tea
  • Anything nutrition can contribute? Although the recommendation is green tea and fish oils, clinical evidence of good results is not available.

  • While a fantastic modulator of pain, shockwaves appear far more effective on patients with less severe symptoms. It could otherwise be counterproductive.

  • Some forms of tendon load techniques can actually reduce pain very effectively. It may seem counterintuitive. However, moderate intensity isometric medium - range loads maintained for 45-60 seconds appear to relieve tendon pain.

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