The Right Practice to Fight Concussion

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November is the best time for sports. Nor the weather is very cold neither it is hot anymore. People choose November to be the best month for outdoor sports. The outdoor sports are closely associated with concussions and injuries. Major concussions can ruin the career of an athlete. It is estimated 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries occur for sports, vehicle accidents and falls every year. Do the concussions occur only for the sports? No, there are several other causes and being incorrect to detect the right cause, often the treatment is misled. In OKC, people visit family medicine clinic for any kind of injury for the right detection and treatment in the initial stage.

If you don’t know what can cause traumatic brain injury, it would be hard to take precaution from it. Here are some common causes of concussion.

  • Vehicle accident.

  • Physical assault or violence.

  • Fall from a greater height.

  • Electrical shock.

  • Sports etc.

Sports are always one of the top causes for any injury, but for a concussion, it is one of the causes. In order to process the treatment, it is important to know the common symptoms. The professionals of the family medicine clinic in OKC can understand the complexity by the symptoms, recommend some more tests for the assessment and start the treatment accordingly.

  • There is generally a loss of consciousness.

  • Nausea.

  • Headache.

  • Blurry vision.

  • Difficulty in understanding.

  • Balancing problems.

  • Signs of amnesia etc.

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For handling the situation initially, the patient has to be stabilized in a place. The movement is not encouraged in this situation. If there is bleeding or swelling, it should be treated. After the first aid, proper diagnosis and treatment should be processed to avoid further consequences.

It is not possible to stay out of all injuries, but you can prevent concussion. It cannot be recognized primarily and the symptoms can disappear fast as well. But ignorance to the treatment is the biggest mistake to deteriorate the symptoms and cause something worse.

For the prevention of concussion, you can follow some of these steps:

  • Don’t forget to wear helmets.

  • Repair the safety equipment whenever it is damaged.

  • Seatbelts are a must to sit in the front seat.

  • The child safety gates should be there.

  • The non-slip mats should be installed in the bathroom.

  • Follow the instruction of the trainers while practicing sports.

The doctors of your family medicine clinic in OKC can save you from the fatality of the concussions. If you face any trouble in your body after an accident, visit the doctor immediately. Call Longevity Regenerative Institute to get a professional checkup and treatment.