Top Three Yoga Poses for Beginners for Lower Back Pain

Yoga is an effective way of relaxing tight muscles and building strength that can help ease lower back pain. Here are three beginning positions to try and check for relief. Remember to go slow and make an appointment with our pain management doctors in OKC for further guidance.

sphinx pose.jpg

Sphinx Pose

The sphinx pose is for lower back muscles stretching and is occasionally recommended for people with sciatica disc pain. It would be best if you lay on the ground using a thick towel, better to use a yoga mat.

  • Keep your legs straight and lie down on your stomach. Place forearms on the ground and tuck into your sides.

  • Keep your legs tightened, use your back muscles and raise up your chest from the ground and inhale while your arms anchor you on the ground.

  • Feet, legs, and hips must be kept in touch with the ground; the elbows must be directly aligned under your shoulders.

  • Keep it for five seconds and then slowly descend back to the ground again.

cow/cat pose.jpg

Cat/Cow Pose

Cat and cow - these are two yoga poses which are generally practiced together.

The Cow Pose

  • Begin on all fours - knees and hands. Align your hips directly over your knees. Keep your arms straight, with your hands right under your shoulders.

  • Look downward at the floor, keep your head straight aligned with your body and the spine.

Now the Cat Pose

  • Lift the spine to the ceiling and keep your back rounded.

  • Your eyes should face your abdomen.

  • After a while, move back into the cow pose.

  • Next, lift your chest slowly to the ceiling and let your stomach face the ground.

  • Your eyes will be gazing at the ceiling.

  • Gently come back to the neutral pose after another breath.

downward dog pose.jpg

Downward Dog Pose

It is a great yoga posture, but a little challenging to do for people who have sore hands or wrists. Here is a version modified that could be gentler on touchy joints:

  • Stand up in front of a wall. Put your hands flat on the wall at a level just below your chest. Keep feet hip-width apart.

  • Keep your knees bent and slowly walk backwards from the wall.

  • As soon as your arms form a straight line with your backbone, hold the pose.

  • Along your back, you should start to feel a gentle stretch.

  • Stay in this position for 30 seconds and walk back toward the wall to stand up.

These yoga poses might not be enough to ease lower back pain; consult our pain management doctors in OKC for a complete exercise and treatment program at Longevity Regenerative Institute.

* * Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.