When Leg pain Feels Worse

woman suffering from leg pain

One common complaint about sciatica—sharp leg pain— is, for example, that pain may be worse when sleeping. Sciatica may prevent you from sleeping, or it may be so severe that with throbbing pain you wake up in the middle of the night.

Sciatic nervous suffering comes with pinching, irritation, or inflammation, of the nerve root of the lower spine or pelvis. Various conditions, from a herniated disk to bone spur to a tended piriformis muscle, may cause this type of leg pain. Continue to read below about how leg pain usually takes place while lying down and how to find relief and when it is severe see your family doctors in OKC.

Pain While Lying Down

The natural inner curve (called the lumbar lordosis) of the lower spine is more emphasized when lying on your back than when sitting down or leaning. The position of the spine reduces the size of the portions (foramina) where nerve roots leave the spinal column. This position can pinch the nerve root directly and cause sciatica leg pain (so-called lumbar spinal stenosis) when a herniated disc or bone spur is present.

Slowly, for many years or decades, the spinal canal is usually narrowed. With aging, the discs become less spongy and lose disk height and may cause the hard disk to blow into the spinal canal. There may also be bone spurs and ligaments thickening. All of these can reduce the central canal and can cause symptoms or may not. Inflammation, nerve compression or both are susceptible to symptoms.

Symptoms of Pain Are –

  • Legs or calves or buttocks suffer from pain, weakness and numbness.

  • Cramping with walking in the calves, which often require a short rest to walk.

  • Pain, similar to the lay term "sciatica" radiation in a thigh or both thighs and legs.

  • Loss of leg motor function, loss of normal bowel function, or loss of bladder function, rarely.

  • Bending forward, sitting or lying down can improve suffering.

Pain While Lying on Side

Lying on one side can in a few ways cause or exacerbate leg pain –

  • Nerve root gets pressure while lying down on the leg by sciatic pain.

  • Lying on the one side of the hips, it curves the spine and pins the roots of the nervous and causes leg pain. Lying in the unaffected leg, for example, can make the affected hip curve to the ceiling, pinch the root of the nerve, and cause pain in the affected leg.

  • It is usually recommended to lie on the unaffected leg if you tend to sleep on your side. This advice does not work for all, however, and you can find that the opposite is more convenient, else can see family doctors in OKC.

  • Try placing a pillow between the legs and keeping your hips in line with the back rather than curved sidewise to avoid leg pain when sleeping on your side.

When to Visit a family doctors in OKC

If leg pain makes sleeping difficult or keeps you awake at night, schedule a doctor's appointment. In addition to sciatica, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), muscle cramps, are also possible causes of leg pain during lying down. A correct diagnosis can help you obtain the correct treatment and sooner find relief.

Visit our Longevity Regenerative Institute for family doctors if sciatica pain makes you suffer a lot.

**Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.