A2M Injections for Arthritis

Arthritis pain is difficult to control, and the use of painkiller medications relieves the obvious symptoms but does nothing to eliminate the cause. Various injection treatments exist, the most common of which are lubricative in nature. These combat the degradation effect of the arthritic joints, but they don’t stop the degradation itself. A newly developed technology similar to platelet-rich plasma injections is now making headlines, and this medical treatment holds promise for the inhibition of cartilage destruction. This treatment comes in the form of A2M injections.

It’s performed by injecting the patient’s own blood directly into the affected tissues and joints. The fluid mix is created by concentrating some of the macroglobulin in the blood into a small amount of plasma. The fluid acts as an inhibitor, preventing destructive proteins from damaging and degrading the joints.

Candidates for A2M Injections

If an individual comes to us with concerns about arthritis and osteoarthritis, we will want to examine their medical records closely. The patient should be in overall good health, with joint pain associated with arthritis rather than some other serious condition. We will also want to know exactly which medications are currently being taken. If the pain symptoms are being caused by cartilage loss, A2M injections may be a viable treatment option.

Producing the Injectable

The full name of the injectable fluid is alpha-2-macroglobulin. The abbreviation used here is A2M. It’s created by drawing some blood from the client and separating its components. This is done through spinning in a centrifuge and mixing the concentrated factors in the plasma with certain chemicals. The result is a fluid that contains plasma and a high concentration of alpha-2-macroglobulin.

A2M is found naturally in the bloodstream, but the concentration is very weak. It needs to be concentrated significantly for it to become an effective inhibitor of proteins’ effect on cartilage and other non-organic materials.

Simple Injection Procedure

We will take X-rays to determine the proper depth of injection. The fluid is injected directly into the soft tissues adjacent to the affected joints. We may apply a topical numbing agent to lessen discomfort during the procedure. The concentrated A2M interacts with the chemicals known as catabolic proteases. These are the chemicals produced by arthritic joints. When they come into contact with A2M, they can no longer effectively destroy cartilage. The full effect of the A2M injections takes a few days, but the results are long-lasting. Subsequent injections may not be necessary for quite some time.

Advantages of A2M Injections

It’s a simple injection procedure. No surgery is performed, and no harsh painkilling medications are prescribed. Although it’s not a permanent solution to the arthritic condition, it greatly slows down the degradation process and eliminates most discomfort at the same time. No side effects are known, and there’s no chance of rejection because the patient’s own blood is used in the procedure.

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This is the first procedure of its type for arthritis treatment. Not many people yet know about it, but we are among the first to administer this treatment at Longevity Regenerative InstituteContact our office in Oklahoma City today for more information about A2M injections and to schedule your consultation.

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