Get Neck Pain Relief at Longevity Regenerative Institute in Oklahoma City

Neck pain can do much more than cramp your style. It can feel almost crippling as it keeps you from doing some of your favorite activities or participating in fun events with friends and coworkers. It may keep you from exercising, limit how much you drive and decrease the range of motion in your neck. Neck pain can hamper you if you work at a desk or in nearly any job that you do because head and neck mobility is crucial to many areas of life. Thankfully, you do not have to live with neck pain any longer thanks to our neck pain relief treatments in Oklahoma City.

If you have tried massage, chiropractic care, over-the-counter pain medications or other treatments with little to no success, you will do best with an individualized care plan from a spinal specialist. At Longevity Regenerative Institute in Oklahoma, City, we can provide quick relief from long-lasting neck pain using minimally-invasive methods that do not rely on surgery. We do this using a variety of methods based on what has or has not worked for you in the past and based on your needs, level of pain and comfort level with certain treatment styles.

All of our neck pain relief treatments are surgery-free, meaning that you will be awake throughout your treatment and will not have any of the downsides associated with surgery. This style makes treatment much more accessible to numerous adults who do not have time to recover from major spinal surgeries. Besides the initial treatment, we also provide comprehensive follow-up plans to keep pain at bay and to treat the root cause of your pain to prevent discomfort from coming back.

We use integrative functional medicine. This means that we use holistic care to treat the entire body rather than treating only the symptoms that you are experiencing. We take into account your entire person rather than just your physical being in order to bring about real neck pain relief.

Whatever your reason is for experiencing pain, we can help with our integrative treatments. There is no reason for you to deal with neck pain any longer. We have numerous treatments that can give you long-lasting neck pain relief and help you live a full, rich life. Get in touch with us at Longevity Regenerative Institute to get started. Contact us today to book your consultation at our office in Oklahoma City!

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