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Living with pain is an issue that affects thousands of people across the great state of Oklahoma. In many cases, this pain is both chronic and debilitating. When pain prevents a person in OKC from being able to function normally, this can be both a cause for depression and a major reason for financial distress due to missing work. That is why Longevity Regenerative Institute seeks to find meaningful methods for improving the pain management and pain resolution for its patients. Fortunately, a lot can be done to mitigate pain today. In fact, those who suffer from chronic pain may be doing so unnecessarily.

When it comes to pain management, it is important to understand the role a person’s diet can play in improving the situation. A lot of people imagine they can simply continue to eat the way they have always eaten, and in many cases, what is desperately needed is a change to their diet to bring pain to a minimum. If you consider that your body can only work with what you put in it, then the quality of the food you eat will ultimately lead to the end result of your quality of health. People who eat better quality food will tend to have better quality health. People who continue to eat nutrient deficient food put their own body’s ability to repair itself at a huge disadvantage.

Although the body tries to compensate for a nutrient deficient diet the best it can, eventually pain can be a common result of the body’s inability to obtain the nutrients it needs. In particular, nutrients like Calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other key nutrients play a huge role in pain management. Of course, many other things come into play as well.

The modern medical system has a philosophy of tossing pills at problems. Unfortunately, most medications simply address symptoms and never get down to the underlying cause of what is causing the pain in question. At Longevity Regenerative Institute in OKC, the role of integral medicine is to seek to deal more with the cause than to simply focus on the symptoms. Often this means getting a patient off of drugs like NSAIDS and other joint-destroying medicines. While these drugs may reduce pain over the short-term, they have a tendency to do more harm than good. Building the muscles around a joint and keeping a joint moving, so it can benefit from more synovial fluid moving to the joint, can make huge differences in reducing the level of joint pain that patients experience.

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