Treat Chronic Pain with Joint Fluid Therapy

Chronic joint pain can bring your life to a grinding halt and make everyday activities nearly unbearable. Over-the-counter and prescription medications will mask the discomfort, but painkillers should only be used as a temporary solution. Joint fluid therapy is an exciting new treatment that provides immediate relief, and very few patients experience any unwanted side effects. This procedure is the perfect option for patients who no longer want to rely on harsh painkillers to mask their joint pain.

A Closer Look at Arthritis

Arthritis is a blanket term that is used to describe a wide variety of joint issues. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis, and this condition reduces the amount of fluid that surrounds the joints. Once the fluid is gone, the nearby bones and ligaments will begin to damage one another. That eventually results in pain, inflammation, and limited mobility. Arthritis can be caused by hundreds of different conditions including genetic disorders, acute injuries, and overuse. Painkillers mask the pain for a short period of time, but the bones and ligaments will eventually become severely damaged if the joint isn’t properly cushioned.

What is Joint Fluid Therapy?

Joint fluid therapy is a relatively straightforward procedure that can be carried out in the comfort of our office. During this procedure, one of our specialists injects a solution directly into the joint to provide additional cushioning. The solution is made from purified sodium hyaluronate, and that substance is very similar to the fluid that is naturally found around your joints. Within a matter of minutes, the sodium hyaluronate is going to lubricate and cushion your joints so that the bones and ligaments don’t directly contact one another.

Every case is slightly different, but we recommend that most of our patients schedule a series of weekly sessions. By spreading out the appointments, we can ensure maximum comfort. We’ll also make sure to give you comprehensive aftercare instructions.

Enjoying Long-Term Results

Joint fluid therapy can be combined with a variety of other treatments to further reduce the side effects of arthritis. Even though this style of therapy is extremely effective, it is just one of the many tools that can be used to reduce joint pain.

At Longevity Regenerative Institute, we believe that no one should ever have to rely on harsh painkillers for long periods of time. Our team can help you come up with a world-class treatment plan to minimize the side effects of your arthritis and improve your overall health. Contact us today to book an appointment in Oklahoma City and learn more information about joint fluid therapy and our other available services!

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