My experience with all the staff has been wonderful and very encouraging! I have lost weight on the HCG diet and have enjoyed the support. I am looking forward to using more of their services!
— Longevity Client, Stephanie
mom with her baby

The HCG weight loss program at Longevity offers people who want to lose excess weight the chance to benefit from long-term weight loss. HCG stands for human chorionic Gonadotropin. This natural hormone enhances a women’s ability of using stored fat as fuel during pregnancy.

The HCG weight loss program combines HCG injection benefits and a low-calorie plan for safe, quick, long-term weight loss. With HCG injection, people can control hunger feelings and transform their feeling toward food. An injection round goes from a minimum of 21 days to a maximum of 49 days and patients at our weight loss clinic in OKC can do as many as rounds needed to get the desired body weight.

At our weight loss clinic in OKC, HCG transforms people's lives through dramatic, safe results in a short time.


HCG Weight Loss Program Benefits :

  • Fast and safe weight loss

  • No need for long-term diet restrictions

  • Less hunger

  • Weight loss up to 20-40 pounds a month

  • Applicable to both men and women

  • Changes in the relationship with food

  • Non-habit-forming

  • No stimulants

  • Easy to follow


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